About Matthew Moore - Artist Statement

Artist Statement

I am the last of four generations to farm my family’s land. Within five years, my home (this land) will transform into suburbia. As a farmer and an artist, I display the realities of this transition in order to rationalize and document my displacement from the land on which I was raised. The trials and tribulations of American agriculture, its roles in contemporary globalization, and its questionable ecological practices create a foundation for my explorations. By displaying the past and future of the farm, I have used our land to explore similarities between commercial agriculture and suburbia, which reveal their social, cultural and economic impacts locally, nationally and internationally. Documenting the reality of land and appetite from agriculture to suburbia, the decisions of our society reveal consumer models that make us disobedient to our relationship with land and time. By exhibiting this theater of evolution and loss, I have entered a historical dialogue of displacement that reveals my part (in agriculture) in the transformation of my family’s land and identity. Through my artwork, I look at these dilemmas which reveal the impact of the American dream on our society and the land as we transition towards a post agrarian nation.